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Speedy service

Large professional teams work in coordination to meticulously execute large-scale projects meeting tight deadlines, even same-day service.


Professional commitment to availability and promptness, completing projects speedily and immediate attentiveness to every request.


Results meeting the high standards of first-rate publishing companies accompanied by direct consultation with expert linguists of Aramaic and  Hebrew  Seforim.

Experience with large projects

Experience in completing large professional projects for prominent publishing companies in the field of Seforim: Artscroll, Oz Vehadar, Pe’er MiKedoshim, Wagschal, etc.

All under one roof

Nekudah offers all necessary services to transform a text to a finished book: vowelization, editing and proofreading alongside layout and design as well as complementary services such as translation, transcription, typing and scanning.

A team of Torah scholars

Torah scholars edit Torah texts such as notes, references, indexes, etc. They also supervise the vowelization of Seforim as required in Talmudic and Kabblistic texts, Midrash and commentaries.


in one

Nekuda offers everything needed to turn text into a perfect book: scoring services, editing and proofreading, editing and translation, along with layout and design services and complementary services such as translation, transcription, typing and scanning.

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