Translation is known to require considerable professionalism and extensive knowledge of two languages: the source language and the target language as well as the ability to articulate the content of the text.

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Vast treasures are latent in recorded material in the form of playing records, tape recordings and audio files existing in common computers or media players.

In recent years, the field of transcription – converting recorded material to a written text – has grown considerably.

This type of work requires great expertise in accurate recording of every word as well as comprehension of the general content.

At Nekudah, we employ a team of top transcribers who produce high quality and precise work.  We pay attention to every detail and deliver impeccable results.

Our team transcribes three languages:  Hebrew, Yiddish, and English.

We have revolutionized this field by employing skilled Yiddish and Hebrew transcribers who transcribe an audio file recorded in Yiddish directly into its Hebrew translation, faithful to the source.  This service offered exclusively by Nekudah requires a high degree of specialization both in transcription and in translation.

At Nekudah, we employ professional translators who specialize In English and those who specialize in Yiddish and others who are experienced in both languages. We also have a pool of translators of many other languages and we can provide speedy accurate translations from almost any source language to a multiple of target languages.



Projects in translation and transcription

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