Nekudah, a leading professional publishing company, provides the following services: word-processing, vowelization, editing and proofreading of Seforim and secular books, alongside layout and design services and complementary services like transcription, translation and scanning.

Our company serves you with unmatched quality, speed and dependability. You will receive an immediate response to every request and all work completed as quickly as possible. At Nekudah, “same-day” is not a slogan; we achieve this goal with pride.

Our expertise has earned us a reputation in the field of Seforim-publishing in Israel and abroad. We work in cooperation with prominent publishing companies such as Artscroll, Mesorah, Oz Vehadar, Wagschal, Menucha Publishers, Horev, and others.


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Nekudah employs several teams, each team responsible for a specific project in its area of proficiency, undertaking to streamline performance while meticulously assuring quality and perfection satisfying our customer’s requests.

Vowelization of Hebrew books is allotted among our 20 specialists comprising our vowelization teams. Their teamwork is perfectly coordinated to achieve the best results in carrying out large-scale projects in a minimum of time, managed by one staff member who is responsible for coordinating the work and resolving professional issues.
We maintain steady contact with celebrated linguists who specialize in religious and Aramaic texts. For tasks requiring contemporary vowelization, the team consults the Academy of the Hebrew Language to determine complex linguistic choice of vowelization.
Our company is known for its professionalism and speed. In a few months, we complete projects which may take five years for a single person to accomplish. This includes version comparisons and vowel proofreading, producing an articulate, precise and polished text.





Our Torah editing staff is composed of reputable scholars committed to the highest standards of editorial review of all texts related to Torah subjects, such as indexes, footnotes, titles and references.

Our team of Torah scholars also advises the vowelization staff regarding comprehension of Torah content facilitating the choice of the vowels which correctly represent the meaning of the text.

Our company also excels in professional layout and design of Seforim, providing all services required for publishing the Sefer – from manuscript form until the professional finished product ready for printing. These include typing, scanning, editing, vowelizing, proofreading, transcription in Hebrew and Yiddish, as well as translations in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, up to the layout and design stage, all under one roof.

Drawing upon our deep familiarity and extensive experience with the Seforim and publishing world, we at Nekudah provide a wide scope of publishing services, including top quality layout and design services.

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After all you invested in your book, in order to publish it it must be printed. Printing is the final, crucial stage before publishing the book. At Nekuda we want to see your book properly completed in its full glory, and that’s why Nekuda takes on the job of finalizing the product and printing the book. As per Nekuda’s reputation, our printing is of unparelelled quality. The Nekuda staff carefully monitors every detail of the printing proccess, ensuring a smooth and perfect outcome. 

In order to provide all complimentary services possibly needed for publishing, we employ a select staff for each particular field in order to provide fast, professional high quality service.

Typing, Transcription, &


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