The layout of a book involves designing the appearance of the inner pages of the book.  The format of Kodesh books is distinct and demands specialists with extensive experience in this field. Our staff includes layout professionals who are skilled in working with Kodesh books which frequently feature numerous footnotes, references and periodically also bear varying styles on each page. These skilled employees are available to meet very tight deadlines producing professional polished results.





Besides layout, a book also requires a graphic artist to design the cover of the book, the title pages, etc. In this field as well, we employ skilled graphic artists who are experienced in designing kodesh books and they work in coordination with the layout staff, collaborating to create a finished book streamlined for printing.

Rather than sourcing all of these various professional services in various places, coordinating the style and schedules and concentrating the material for printing, our clients at Nekudah receive full service under one roof: service which is comprehensive, all-encompassing, and convenient, delivering professional work in a relatively short time which meets all of Nekudah’s high standards.

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