After all you invested in your book, in order to have it published it must be printed.
Printing is the final, crucial stage before publishing a book.
At Nekuda we want to see your book properly completed in its full glory, so that’s why Nekuda does the job of finalizing the project and printing the book.
As per Nekuda’s reputation, our printing is of unparalleled quality.
The Nekuda staff carefully monitors every minute detail of the printing process from beginning to end, including:

  1. The color quality, whether black and white or colored.
  2. The cover quality.
  3. Neat binding.
  4. Proper page inserting.
  5. Correct page size.
  6. Precise cutting.
  7. Block and Stamp quality

In order to ensure your satisfaction, Nekuda’s service team offers you a wide variety of choices with no additional fees:

  • Unlimited stamping
  • Paper of any type and thickness
  • All kinds of book-covers
  • Variety of Blocks
  • Door to door delivery

Our price

includes everything

We will be happy to meet you
with the perfect book in your hand

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