Although typing is deemed a simple task, good typing demands skilled performance, such as precision, heedfulness not to omit lines or words and skill in deciphering illegible handwriting.

Nekudah’s team of typists specializes particularly in this type of work, and the texts produced are highly accurate.

Keeping in line with Nekudah’s standing reputation, large amounts of material are also delivered within a short time, even on the same day.

In recent years, optical character recognition (OCR) technology has developed to convert Hebrew letters to text, a development which has transformed the field of converting printed text to typed material by word-processing. While in the past, the sole option was manually typed texts, today many texts can be scanned with good speedy and less expensive results. But in this field too, different levels of quality and precision exist. At Nekudah, we have invested heavily in smart scanning technology, and have achieved groundbreaking results attaining an unparalleled level of accuracy. The results and speed of our software amaze our clients. It’s no wonder that the largest companies in the market currently use our scanning services. The results speak for themselves.





However, not every text can or should be scanned, and typing is sometimes preferable because of the quality of the writing, its age, and other factors.  These texts are typed quickly and efficiently.  Every text we receive is carefully assessed by our staff which recommends the most appropriate type of work for that particular text.  After receiving the client’s approval, we promptly carry out the work with precise, high-quality results.

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